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What is cord blood banking

We review here in this site, cord blood banking. This is not a medical site and you should always consult with your physician. Likewise, we analyze what is the cord blood and what is cord blood banking. We put special attention to the private cord blood banking. After this we will balance if is it worth it or not. We review them to understand which is the best cord blood bank in your location. Information about how does cord blood banking work. How much does it cost, approximately and which private banks are available. We include with their contact details, as much as we can retrieve them. Also we will analyze which are the best cord blood banks in the United States so you can decide which one is suitable for you. 

Private banking is very expensive. In our report our numbers are of thousand of dollars plus a storage payment fee paid annually. Nevertheless, it is considered as an insurance policy for the future.  The real statistical chances that it is needed are quite low, but despite the significant expenses involved, it can save a life in the future.

Public banking, instead, is free. However the family cannot always retrieve it back if they need it, and the compatibility chances with other donors in the public bank are very low. This means that even if the probability that it is required later to save the life of someone in the family is very low, it is better than public banking where the family that donates it cannot obtain a benefit at all.

We also do an excursus of our usual topics to explain the dangers of the ingestion of dietary supplements during pregnancy and breastfeeding. In all cases, the mother, considering her health and the health of the developing fetus, must always consult her physician.

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