When you donate your baby’s cord blood you will need to do it at a cord blood collection hospital or obtain a cord blood donation kit. The cord blood donation kit comes with everything the doctor or midwife needs to collect your baby’s cord blood for a public donation.  You may also be interested in storing your baby’s cord blood in a private cord blood bank.

     If you would like to donate your baby’s cord blood and aren’t going to deliver in a hospital that does cord blood collection, you can order one of these kits. The cord blood collection kits must be ordered six weeks in advance of your due date. You should discuss this with your physician or midwife. The physician or midwife will have to take a certification class prior to collecting the cord blood.

     When using the kit, the blood has to be collected and shipped back to one of three collection sites within 40 hours of delivery. The red box that comes with the kit is temperature controlled, so the blood will be safe as it travels to the collection site.

     Anyone who wants to participate must be 18 years or older and will have to pass a health screening. The cord blood donation kit and the actual donation don’t cost the mother anything; it is free.

Donations will be listed on the National Marrow Donor Program website, and will be used to help patients that can benefit from it. If your are interested in participating or would like more information about the cord blood donation kit, you can contact NMDP at 1-800-MARROW-2.